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My fiancee and I plan to marry and live in Bali later this year along with our 3 year old daughter. I will be 54 by then and although I possess a tefl English teaching qualification I will need to find work of some sort, what are my chances please guys?. Many thanks in advance. John.

The law is often flexible but here's the gospel according to EF.

A Bachelor’s Degree
A TEFL Certification (EF TEFL sponsorship available)
Must be able to obtain a clear background check
The ability to live abroad for at least one year
In addition, candidates must be citizens from one of the following nations in order to be issued a visa from the Indonesian government: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

I understand there's also an age restriction of 55 but I'm unsure - Hopefully Luke will see the thread and confirm.

Reality isn't always the law here so I know a good few English teachers from other than the countries listed above (Loads from the Philippines) and not all have a degree.

To work you'll need to have a work permit (IMTA) and immigration document (KITAS), both applied for by your employer at no cost to you.

Salaries vary from the really bad language mills that pay bugger all and a bit through to international schools that pay very nicely.

Fred is right 55 is the legal age limit for expats to work. Bali is full of wannabe teachers who possess the right or near right qualifications and so the salary is lower but the cost of living is higher. That said if you are looking for work an teacher and you meet the criteria you should apply and see what happens.

Really? I see a few expats at my place who's definitely above age 55.

I never said it never happened just stated the max age to gain work here. As I am sure you are aware, the interpretation of the rule is sometimes different to how it is written.

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