Dutch native marrying in France with a non EU citizen

Dear all,

I am originally from Mauritius and my girlfriend is a Dutch native. First we were planning to get registered as partners in the Netherlands but the procedure is sooo complicated there that we were thinking of getting married to bake the things easier but let me tell you it that it doesn't change much the difficulties as you still need to do the inburgerings exam then make an official demand for a mvv visa and in my country there's only a consulate. So since recently apparently they are not aloud to make any visa and I have to go to the closest embassy which is in South Africa. This means more and more money so my girlfriend is planning to move to live in south of France and as an EU she can work there. So now we are planning to get married there, does anyone know the marrying procedure between a EU and a non EU in France?

All the information can be found at your embassy in France.

Hi I went there and the only thing they told me was that I need to ask this information in "la commune" of the city where I want to do it cause they all differs city to city. I just wanna know how it goes and the procedure behind. Can we marry there or not?


Here is what law says :

1) Two foreigners having neither domicile nor residence in France and having no parent domiciled in France can marry only in a commune belonging to one of the following territories:
New Caledonia,
French Polynesia,
St. Bartholomew,
Saint Pierre and Miquelon,
Wallis and futuna.

1-A) Warning :
- The marriage in Mayotte is not open to foreign couples living totally abroad, without any parent residing in Mayotte.
- The request must be made to the chosen community, at least 1 month and 10 days before the desired date for the wedding celebration.
- The civil status officer concerned verifies that the future spouses meet all the conditions laid down by French law for contracting the marriage.
- He may ask the diplomatic authorities to proceed to the compulsory preliminary hearing of the couple.
- The ceremony is necessarily held in the presence of a translator-interpreter.

1-B) To note :
- Two foreigners living mainly abroad but of whom one or the other has been permanently resident for at least one month in the same commune in France can also get married there. The condition of the month of continuous residence is assessed on the date of publication of the banns.

2) Foreigner whose parent lives in France
- If one or other of the members of the couple has at least one parent domiciled in France, their marriage in France is also possible in the municipality where the parent concerned resides.
- If in addition, one or the other resides continuously for at least 1 month in the same town in France, their marriage in France is still possible. The condition of the month of continuous residence is assessed on the date of publication of the banns.

3) official law text
- Code civil : articles 63 à 76 --> Article 74 (lieu de célébration du mariage)
- Code civil : articles 165 à 171 --> Domiciliation en France (article 165)

In conclusion, I think it will be difficult but not impossible ...

If you live with your girlfriend 6 month in any EU countries,after 6 month without any problem you can live togather in Netherlands.
But dont forget she must leave all work & house in Netherlands.No any money transaction or social help.
There is a agreement between all EU countries.Just 6 month live,work & proof you was live there.
It’s now popular for non-EU boys ;)
You can check with good lawyer.
Good luck!

Yeah thanks but I know already about it and but we really like South of France want to live there, the weather, people and fresh and warm french baguettes every morning os enough for us to move there. But doea she has to close her bank account, no more insurance and house to be entitle to live there? Also does she has to let the IND know that she planning to move to France?

Why would she have to close her bank account?

Yes she must inform to move other EU country to Gemeente.

Hi there,
Yes I’m Australian and just last month I married my Dutch fiancé who has been living in France for over 20 years. You have to get married at the Mairie  in the town you/she is living. They will give you a list of documents that you need to provide. Once you have them you make an appointment for an interview at the Mairie to present all your documents. It’s highly recommended to get everything you need before you leave your home country as sending for things in the mail can take time. Once they are satisfied all your documents are in order you can book your wedding date. If one of you doesn’t speak French (as in my case) you will need an interpreter for the ceremony.
After that you can apply at the Prefecture for a carte de sejour as you are married to an EU citizen. That’s where I’m at now. I’ve been given a récépissé while they process the CDS which can take 3 months.

Get the list from the Mairie as soon as possible so you can start gathering all your documents. The French love their paperwork.

All the best with everything.

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for your help.

Do you have the list of documents that they asked you to produce?
So, we can do the civil marriage there directly without any special visa, as my country doesn't need any visa to enter the EU for a period of 90 days. Did you have to let your country know about it?
Did your husband have to let the gemeente know that he was planning to get married in France.
After how many days after the wedding did you get your recepissé?

Thanks again.


Hi Sam,

I also arrived on a 90 day visa free stay. My husband had previously been living in France for over 20 years. I don’t have a copy of what we needed but I do know that it differs depending on the country you come from and the Mairie you are applying at. There was a list for my husband as well. You will need to contact the Mairie in the town in which you plan to live at if your fiancée isn’t already there. It would help if she moved there already.
The list of documents I needed included an original birth certificate not more than three months old, with a french translation and an Apostille. (I don’t know if you’ll need the Apostille or not you’ll have to check that out). Also a Certificat de Célibat  to prove I wasn’t already married. (Also with an Apostille and translated into French). Certificate of no impediment to marriage (certificate de coutume) which I got at the Australian Embassy here. I made the appointment for that before I left Australia. Like I said your paperwork may be different coming from a different country. I think my husband had to show proof he was a resident here too.
We were very lucky to get an appointment at the Mairie 2 weeks after we had the paperwork. (Online there was a months waiting list and my husband pleaded our case so they squeezed us in earlier). We then set a date 7 weeks later. (They had earlier dates during the week but our guests were all coming from further away so we wanted a Saturday). As soon as we were married we went to the Prefecture to apply for the carte de sejour. That’s a whole lot more paperwork. Proof that you are living in France and living together is a big thing. Joint bills....power, phone, rental agreement etc. Bank accounts. My husband had to show he was employed and able to support me. Documents from his employer plus tax returns. At first they told me I’d have to return to Australia to apply for a spousal visa but then they said I’d just have to sign a statement to swear we were living together (we had just got married!!)
So a lot of back and forth and lining up hours before opening hours to get seen in the day.....it took about two weeks before they gave me the récépissé and stamped my passport with a long sejour visa. It cost €340 for that. As a spouse of an EU citizen you can enter France and apply for a CDS within 60 days of arriving.

You should check to see how difficult it would be to marry in the Netherlands first if your fiancée is already living there. Just a thought.

I hope I’ve helped a bit.


Also I didn’t have to let my country know. I checked with the Embassy bad they said it wasnt a requirement. My husband may register the marriage at the Dutch Embassy. I’m not sure. We talked about it....

Dear Wendy,
Your help is more than precious and thanks for all the informations and advices. I will take note of everything you mentioned and will look into the matter asap.
I wish you a long and happy life with tour husband.
Congratz to both of you and may God bless your couple.
I hope that soon I can help people like you are doing cause there's no better advices than someone that's been more or less the same situation as yours.

Really appreciate your help.

All the best.


Hi Sam

Not a problem. I wish you all the best with everything to come. Try and get all the information and all your documents in order before you come. It’ll make it a lot easier and quicker for you. 90 days go by very fast. Also remember that the information seems to differ from one Mairie to another and one Prefecture to another, but I have given you my story!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. 😊.

Best wishes for the both of you!!


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