Looking for a friends

Hello everyone my name is Ghada and i am 20 years old i am from Egypt i live in Cairo and i feel so bored and lonely most of the time so i am looking for some friends to hang out with and so we can have fun together

Incase you are bored , how about you help me practise arabic . I am in alex , so online would work most of the time . If you are ok with that message me.

28 and well educated, I'm in cairo - Maadi, wants to communicate

Nice to be friend madmoiselle Ghada... :) I am Dr. Aly....live in 6 october..i like music, sport and reading and travel as well :)

Why not Ghada we can but iam 42 years hahahhh I think I am very old lol

Hey ! How are you doing ?

Guys, this just a trape for stupid boys. It is intressting to hear how Egyptians present themself to young girl.😆👎👅

bruh you know it's everywhere not only Egypt ? that older guys want younger " women "

If you are a Dr, could you inbox me ? I have some questions about work in the medical sector there in Cairo, thanks in advance..

What is the trape u r talking about
Did u lost your mind ???
I did feel bored the time i made the post
I donot accept you to judge me in any way
Or judge my words
Hope you understand that

Whwre r u from?

hey there
what about making a trip to Sharm El-Sheikh at Easter Holidays !!!

Hi ghada, how r u? Im from amsterdam , but in cairo now. Wanna have a coffee someday? Let me know xxx

Be careful if you want to meet and hang out with strangers how ever if you planned to contact with Egyptians or even foreigners. Your safety is the first, you must those people well and don't follow your heart most times just choose the good guys who're wouldn't make further troubles to you .

I can help in teach arabic .

Hello everybody 😀

I can suggest some Ideas

Please, feel free to add me if you want.

language exchange needed

hey I am there

Try to travel to Dahab , Lxr , Aswn
Egypt full of very nice place can refresh u extremely.

Hey did u find any friends

Not sure if this post is still active but here goes
Hey there am working and living in Algeria at the min and will be moving to Egypt soon maybe you can tell some places of interest and nice sight to see

You still looking for friends

Yes why not


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