hi. i'm finishing university this year with a 2.1 Bsc ecological and environmental science with management degree, and I am wondering if there are job opportunities in Thailand for someone with these qualifications.

Also, my other question, I want to become a sponsored fighter in Thailand and I have about 6 months to do this, is it possible to live in Thailand using money earned by fighting?

Are there any other job opportunities that could support my fighter lifestyle?

all suggestions welcome.

I would recommend talking with others in the fighting community and at the gym where you plan to train.  They would have firsthand experience and better advice on how to survive, given your lifestyle choices.

Your trying to work full time , fight professionally all at the same time , i admire you optimism but it a lot to take on.  I know you can get a visa to stay one year and fight but you wont be allowed to work . It would be easier to find employment if your well qualified then you can fight in your recreation time. You could get a work visa for voluntary work to do this . Go for it , live your dream .

thanks for the optimism =) i'm looking forward to Thailand!

Do you speak Thai?
I assume you have looked over this:
If you get a TESOL cert, you may be able to teach English, although this may leave little time to train...

yeah i'm looking into English teaching courses.

how much time does teaching English take up during the day? anybody know?

You sound focused and with that attitude you will excel, I see many foreigners moving to thailand and burying themselves in the bar scene and getting nowhere fast . Id be interested to know how your getting on in the future.
Good luck

Also , i meant to say , with your ecological qualifications you may get a very interesting well paid job in thailand ,  The king who sadly passed away 2016 was a pioneer of ecological, enviromental , nature type projects and them interedts are very much respected in the kingdom.

Yeah it would be super interesting to work in Thailand in Ecology! one of my number 1 goals is to visit the elephant conservations near Chiang Mai.

Who knows? in a year or two I could be applying my education to a rewarding job in a tropical paradise (Thailand) and fighting for a championship belt.

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