Finding a 2 month rental in Chiang Mai for Holidays


I'm going to Chiang Mai next month, and I would like to stay here for 2 months (as a tourist, with a 2 month tourist visa), travel around, maybe to other cities but with a GQ in Chiang Mai.

I've seen the prices of the rentals on airbnb / hostel, and the prices if you stay for a long time on websites like chiangmaiproperties... And of course their is a big difference.
My point is : how can I book an apartment for 2 months in Chiang Mai just by being a tourist ?
Do I need a visa to rent an appartment ?

Looking for any advices ;)

Thanks you !

It's very hard to find anyone willing to rent their apartment for such a short term.
What's wrong with airbnb?
Many hotels offer long-term pricing.

It's just that what you can have with airbnb even with a long term pricing is still twice the price of a rental with chiangmaiproperty and others

Can´t say for Chiang Mai.

But Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Bang Saen have it.
Rent apartment pr. day / week / month / year.

Special in Nonthaburi we help a lot of people coming for a few weeks - month to find a place near Impact Arena.
We lived in That area for many years, So we know who to contact about it,.
But so many place there rent out.

All so here in Bang Saen we see more and more house rent out, Thai call it "Home Stay"
We only see Thai rent that, Maybe because foreigner don´t know about it ?
Or many foreigner don´t know the Thai language good enough ?
From the Thai rent "Home Stay" in our area say, They found it on Facebook. (No didn't ask for a link. he he)

All so pr day / week.
I be told must people come a few days to 1-2 weeks.

Personally i say, Don´t agree to any thing over the internet, Don´t pay any money over the internet.
Only agree to pay, IF you have someone you trust 100% to go look the place up, Take new pictures of the place.

Sadly some place have great pictures, But when one come to see it, It look, Let say *Not Good* !!!!


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