Blood test results for student visa


I am about to apply for the student visa. Got an offer of place and scholarship for 3 years PhD study of the Eathscience, Earthquake resilience knowledge area. Have 5 years experience working in Norway as a geophysicist for one of the biggest oilfield services company.

I did my medical check. The examination results are generally good however some of blood results slightly deviate from norm. From the last test the only abnormal value is percentage of monocytes which is 12,8 % with the reference range [0-12%]. According to my panel physician he has to close my case as abnormal and this can result in my visa application being declined.
This sounds a bit harsh to me and I would like to know some other experiences/ opinions.


I'm sure noone will be able to give you a proper reply here.  Your best source should be the NZ immigration office. Suggest you should directly ask about it. Generally, if the medical report has a  FIT stamp, there may not be any issue, however an UNFIT stamp will not allow you to apply further.

Hi Anna, Please find attached current data regarding blood tests from a New Zealand site. Elevated monocytes may occur with chronic infections. When I had my tests the only interest was cholesterol and blood pressure. I suggest repeating the test, several times if necessary. I would hardly think that you would be excluded for a student visa, though permanent immigration is a different matter. Regards, retired anaesthetist in Rotorua ex UK. Lycka till!

I had some issue with blood test too, leukocytes were something above. But I did the test again as my doctor warned me and suggested to repeat the test before he sent results .
That s my experience , and I was happy that I had chance to do test again , and it was ok second time.

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