Movies you recommend in Kuwait cinemas

Hello everyone and happy new year !

Well, we all don’t like wasting our money on a movie
So If any of us watched a great movie here
You better write it down, regardless of its collection at the box office

Last week watched  Jumanji it was good not great.. I rate it 6/10

What do you recommend ?

Tiger Zinda hai Indian movie I rate it 8/10

Yea I’ve  heard about it .. thanks :)

Nothing really interesting right now, wait for Blade Runner 2049

Saw the Bollywood movie and it is really awesome
Will watch blade runner too 👍

Yep I went to the movies: I was not allowed to sit where I wanted, you know, some people are more equal than others, especially if you're married. Then, the fools in the cinema went on their mobiles to check their facebook, whatsapp, and doing e mails - you know, you pay 3KD to go on  your phone rather than see the darn movie, but oh wait, who cares about those around you that are really intersted in the movie? On then, to top it all, a couple of phone calls/conversation using 1) Viber ..and 2nd one was probably a normal call, not sure though.
Moral of the story: If you enjoy going to a movie to be bothered by constant screen light the whole 2 hours, then by all means go! You will really enjoy the experience. If you really want to go to see a movie,.. really SEE the movie.. well,  then invest in full home theatre.

You’re right but I’ve never seen people using mobiles for 2 hours while watching a movie.
if You see anyone getting busy with phone repeatedly
You can tell the security men and they know their work.
I remember once someone was being noisy for a longtime..They came and got him out of the cinema hall

There is a movie called the mountain between us , anyone watched it?

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