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Hi everyone ,

Is there any one here currently receive DP10 Visa after rejection and submitting the appeal ?


Yes, if the company can put together an appeal which addresses the main reason for rejection i.e. skills available among Malaysian workforce, the job has been advertised and no suitable local candidates have applied, the skill level and salary are properly coordinated, the applicant is not a newly qualified student, the company has the required structure to hire foreigners.


The company already submitted the appeal since Oct 2017 and I return back on Nov 2017 , but still didn't inform the company the decision even they follow up , is it normal procedure ?

Without knowing what the reason for rejection given, it's difficult to understand the situation. But a lot of time has gone by now.

The reason of rejection was not sufficient related work experience, However the company already mentioned in appeal with all evidences .they mentioned their advertised in Job street ,.. to prove there isn't any Malaysian that have my skills .They submitted on October 2017 the appeal letter and have evidence of submission , the immigration officer asked to wait for final decision. is it sound positive or negative?

I just went back and re-read the background to your problem and it is because you want to work directly after finishing studying in Malaysia.

I therefore think that it is going to be very difficult to get approval immediately.

Base on my research, If they wanted to reject my application due to any reason, they should notify to me earlier , my husband is working in Malaysia as an expertise and I can't even apply for depend pass since my application is in progress.
They just ask my HR department to wait !!

Any how , I have  8 years related experiences and shouldn't consider as fresh graduate

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