Accomodation-Pakistani Community Area

Hello Everyone,

I am moving to Riyadh by 15th of Jan-2018, but I do not have nay idea about Riyadh locations.

Can anyone please guide me the good areas/locations where Pakistani community is staying.

-can afford upto 24k Per Annum as rent
-more concern about safety
-looking for 2bedroom apartment (2BHK)

Please share your experience.



I have been there (Jeddah) since 17 years but all of the sudden my company insist me to move riyadh.I recently shifted to riyadh along my family. Your budget is quite flexible you can easily get in any where in riyadh.

But I recommend you to look at places like Al Jazira. Its safe & quite here. But don't worry your budget is more then enough to find a good place. Good lcuk....

Thanks a lot badarmuneer.

Hi Umair, I spend 1.5 years in Riyadh. I would highly recommend to take your accommodation near your office. Ofcourse you would go there without family first.. Your current company will arrange accommodation for you. Live there, search on website i.e. ... you will find numerous family flats. Try not to take house immediately since most of the  property dealers ask if you have family then we will give you 2bhk. Where ever your company provides you accommodation, stay there for atlest 2 months until you get family visa and complete all formalities etc. Just let me know incase you need any help. You can add me and PM me

Dear Umar

I am living in Riyadh since one year Hara is the area where is Mostly Pakistani and indians are there but i will not recommend you to live there with family because there is too much problem of parking and water but if you were living single so you can manage but i will recommend you find the place near your office because in Riyadh there is too much traffic so you will take more time to move any where


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