Apply for Schengen Visa while waiting for Longterm Visa

Hi all,
Is it possible to apply for a Schengen visa for my family while we are waiting for Longterm Visa because it might take a long time (9 months maybe)? and I want to be able to bring them to Belgium for few months.

I know anyone can apply for Schengen Visa but in my case, I want to apply at the same Belgian embassy which already has my family's passports and not sure if they allow two applications (Schengen and Longterm Visa) at the same time.


Sorry, I just found an answer earlier, some people say its a bad idea. Anyone else can confirm that?

My understanding is that you can only have one visa at a time. Someone else will have to confirm that though.

it is not possible to apply for short term schengen visa to the same country while a long term visa application is being processed.

Applying to another country can be a recipe for rejection and complication of your long term file (as schengen systems talk to each other).

It is impossible to bring your family in Belgium nowadays. You can only invite one of the member of your family but not during your visa long-term application. You can invite someone when u got here in Belgium. Just don't try it while you are in long-term application it might affect the decision. Goodluck!

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