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From my research, short answer is no.

This is what it states on … s-cambodia

Tax in Cambodia
Individuals resident in Cambodia are liable to Tax on Salary (ToS) on their Cambodian and foreign source income, at progressive rates ranging from 5% to 20%. An individual is considered a tax resident if he/she: is domiciled in Cambodia, or has a principal place of abode in Cambodia or has available for use a house, apartment, dormitory, in which he/she usually stays or occupies, or is present in Cambodia for more than 182 days in any period of 12 months ending in the current tax year.
A non-resident is any person who is not a resident. A non-resident is only liable to ToS on Cambodian-source income (at 20%).

An employer is liable to pay Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on benefits paid to employees that are not considered to be salary (at 20% of the value of the benefit).

There is no mechanism for individuals to register with the Tax Office and remit their salary tax or other tax liability directly to the Tax Office. At present, only registered employers have an obligation to withhold the tax on salary from the employees for their employment activities in Cambodia. Currently, Cambodia does not require individual residents to file an annual personal income tax to the Tax Office. As a result, the ToS withheld by the registered employer should be the final tax for each employee for fulfillment of employment activities in Cambodia.

On this basis, foreign pension income is not taxable income in Cambodia unless: it is provided to Cambodian residents by a Cambodian employer, or it is provided by a company which has established a Permanent Establishment or tax presence in Cambodia, and even then the company may need to be a registered taxpayer in Cambodia and carrying on business there, or it relates to fulfilling employment activities in Cambodia.
Therefore, based on an STM QROPS, the pension income would not be taxable income in Cambodia.

Net worth, gift, inheritance, and estate taxes are not imposed in Cambodia. Cambodia has no DTA’s.

... what would be a typical local agent fee for a ER Visa 6/12 extension over 55 year ?

All in price for 6 months is about $165, for 12 months $290.

Thanks from me too JoeKhmer. Your initial reply on this thread caused me to stop lurking and sign up.

I've all but given up on Thailand too. They want us to retire there less and less as the years go by.

My Thai wife and I will retire to Cambodia in 2.5 years. Looks like I'll get the E vis and the ER visa within 30 days - like this thread says.

I can't find much on my wife's situation though. The Cambodian government website seems to be down or I have old/broken links.
Does she get the same visa?
She has Thai and US citizenship.
I'll be over 55 years but she wont be.

Don't mean to hijack this thread...

Thanks for the compliment.

If you and your wife are officially registered as married she can get a "spouse" visa extension the same as your ER extension. For that she needs to apply for it as being supported by you.

You need a good agent who is familiar with this and knowledgeable. I know one if by that time you need one.

If you're not officially married she can still get a ER extension based on support by you, but it is more difficult to explain that to Immigration.

So depending on your marriage status it can be easy or difficult.

Hope this helps.


I'm currently in Poipet nearing the end of a 12 month retirement EOS.  To get a 12 month extension, the casino that I play at here has quoted me $400.  Has the cost of visas gone up, or is the casino just adding a big fee?  To get the extension my passport would need to be sent to Phnom Penh.

I'm one of 4 barangs here in Poipet, and I know the others, so I'm not expecting anyone here to know much about getting a visa extension (retirement) in Poipet.  But hey...make my day!!!

It's a scam!

Normal price is around $285.


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