Is Mont' Kiara safe place?

Hi Expats,

I have a sister who will be working at 1 Mont' Kiara mall next Jan 2018. The problem is my parents and I were not sure if that area is quite safe for a single lady to stay at because we never been there before. Found a room at Lanai Kiara Condo but haven't confirm yet.

Any friendly advice if that area is okay for her or any other place which is okay and easy transport to her workplace?


MK is an upscale, middle-class, suburb and safe. I would just say the condo may not be a good idea as it could be noisy as it's right on the motorway. It may not be that easy to get (walk) to work unless there are some cut throughs - less safe using these. Sorry I don't know the exact route.

MK is a bit isolated and public transport is not well connected, which makes it a very car-bound place. It does tend to be a little expensive in some instances as well.

Can I suggest joining the FB group and ask for some more details there

Here is a bus route into MK that connects with the MRT train line - … 8-674042-0

Yes MK is very safe and a nice place. MK1 is also a nice little mall.

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