how can i open a used car export company

my name is mr Smile.
please can someone tell me what it takes to open a used car export company in italy

Are you an Italian by birth or an expat?

i am an expat with italian working permit

Bringhtdon :

i am an expat with italian working permit

Please update your profile to reflect your correct citizenship and status.

You probably should contact a notary or legal adviser in Italy, as they usually draft and file the paperwork.

Romaniac Experts Team

For this kind of business you need to know the very tricky rules of that trade and have excellent relations.
{The question you asked makes me doubt that you have those.}
Let us know how your plan proceeds.

I see that you are not getting constructive replies.
Allow me to give you just a couple of infos :
If you have work permit, make sure it allows you to also start your own business.
The professional that you will no doubt need is a local accountant , which in Italy is called "Commercialista".
This is the guy that prepares your docs and help you setup the company and - if you so wish - may also be the one taking care of your taxes. He is also the one that will tell you when you need a notary (in Italian it's "Notaio"). Depending on the size of the company you intend to build (one man show or with employees), expect to run into approx costs between €1.000 and €10.000).
Good luck.

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