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Hi all
I’m looking for a 4x4 truck or similar and reach out for advise on where to buy one.
I’m told buying new is favourable but the budget is a bit too tight to be honest and I won’t do finance. Anybody know of good dealers (Farang friendly)
I suppose I’m looking for something maybe 2/3 years old with low mileage.
Any thoughts - oh my local area is Nachon Ratchasima but would travel.

I think you will find that vehicles 2-3 years old are not much cheaper then a new truck. 

You can check for location and dates of local auctions.

Thanks, I half expected that feedback but apart from being slightly cheaper a 2 year old vehicle has had all the jiggles sorted in theory - I’ve been down the new car route and swore I would always buy run in cars.

Personally, I have always found the first two or three years of a car's life to be the absolute best.

You can try these two links:

Thanks 👍👍

You can also check out:

The site is in Thai. I work around that by using Google Chrome web browser with the google translate extension. Google Chrome will auto translate the entire webpage. Another plus is that the products are advertised Thai pricing, not Farang price. The site is basically the Thais version of Ebay.

Thankyou for that 👍👍

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