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Good afternoon :)         Well, we've been enjoying a wonderful 2 weeks on the island, but we have one small item to address.   After landing at the airport, my wife's ears are 'plugged' and she can't seem to get them 'unplugged'.    She has tried the 'plug your nose and blow through your nose until you hear your ear(s) pop.   Hasn't worked.    We went to a local pharmacy and they provided penicillin for a 7 day usage.  Ears are still plugged. 

Does anyone in the north DR provide ear 'waxing' to clean out the ear canal?

Any other advise?     Thanks again everyone :)


don't believe it is a wax problem.  Try this:  1/2 glass of water. she plugs ears, you pinch her nose shut, She drinks water without stopping.  Problem could be unequal estaucian (sp I know) tubespressure. Works 100% of the time on persistent hiccups. Give it a try.  If no relief, PM me for info re: local doc here in Sosua.

It is a pressure problem and it will "work" out eventually.  In typical Dominican medical fashion you were given a course of most likely totally unnecessary antibiotics.  Another step in creating the super bug that will one day annihilate  the human race.

You can try chewing gum, sleeping on your side with the bad ear down, deep yawns may help as well as moving your jaw side to side.  You can also google equalizing while scuba diving for other tricks.

Next time chew gum when landing.

This happens to me quite often when flying or diving.

Hope this helps

Bob K

You can also use Sudafed as this will decongest the Eustachian tube which is the culprit in this case.

Bob K

David here is an article to look at … chian-Tube

Bob K

Another thought, I've used hydrogen peroxide drops in the ear until the fizzing stops. Tilt head or lie on your side to keep drops in.  Repeat if required. It works for me. Do this if indeed it is a wax build up.

You guys are awesome!!    Thank you so much for your response.   We'll give a few of these things a try :)


Good luck.

Bob K

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