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Hi all, is there anyone in this group ever tried the online MVV application?

I havent't tried the online application, and it's the first time I heard about it. :)

I tried the online application and it’s ok but my husband made a mistake so I had a one week delay on my processing .. so it’s still processing

How long does it take for application to approve ?  My partner has submitted the application online

I'm puzzled about this; I can't find any reference to applying for an MVV online.  I can find plenty advising people that they can make an appointment for different services online.  Does anybody have a link to share regarding this?

You have to be in Netherland  to apply it online. If you are trying to view that page in website from other country, you won't be able to see it.

Vikram123 :

You have to be in Netherland  to apply it online. If you are trying to view that page in website from other country, you won't be able to see it.

I'd be grateful for the link; I can connect via a VPN that will look like I'm in Holland.  I want to know so we can better advise people on all of their options.

That won't be a great idea according to me. Since that facility is only for the sponsors living in Netherland to apply for mvv on behalf of there partners. I Guess ...

Vikram123 :

That won't be a great idea according to me. Since that facility is only for the sponsors living in Netherland to apply for mvv on behalf of there partners. I Guess ...

Up to you; I just wanted to see what your partner can see.  If it's there, I'll find it via the VPN.  Anyway, it doesn't matter, on behalf of the Forum, I've sent an e-mail to IND to find out.

Expat Team

Hi all.

Just a quick update.  I've now confirmed that there are online versions of Dutch Immigration documents that are only visible and usable by Internet users who are logged onto the Internet from within Holland; these are online documents, in as much as you can complete them wholly online.

It means that people who are in Holland legally can apply online for non-EU citizens who are family members to join them (MVV); it's not a perfect system as you still have to print it off/sign it and there is still complimentary documentation that has to be done via snail-mail, but surely a step in the right direction and it should help in producing correct documentation.

It doesn't say how long the process takes and in view of the still required paper documents, I suspect won't be much quicker.

One more small piece of the puzzle. :)

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

We submitted our mvv application via online outside the Ntherlands, and got the positibe result in just 3 weeks

We did not do it the way you stated. We applied online outside the Netherlands, Dec 22, We just click the online application on IND website and follow the instruction. We uploaded the needed documents. Paid a tthe same time of the application, got the payment confirmation on Dec 29, and got a positive result, on Jan 16 2018. Note: make sure all your dics di not exceed 2mb

Hi thanks for the input; I found what I assume is the link you followed.  One of the options (Spouse/Partner) did lead to an online option, but the "Other family member" option did not, that had to be applied for on paper.  So it seems to be that it depends on where you apply from and what you're applying for will influence this.

Has anybody else experienced anything else?

It worked for me as a spouse of a Dutch national and worked for my 17 year old kid as well, as for the other cases, am not sure. I think based on our experience, online application is more direct and quicker way ( application wise) for the result I still think it all depends how complete and correct all the documents that were submitted.

Hope it helps.

Not really .. my husband apply via online and we sent our application 27th nov and got answered on 16th Jan 2018 but I m assuming during dec was holiday time so ind was busy but I think it’s a bit faster in results 🙂. Also I couldn’t use the online app as it was only for nl users

Yes, you need to be Dutch or NL resident to apply via online since it needs DigiD pincode or something but you do not need to be in NL to apply. And for the result, like what I’ve said, it is case to case basis.

Ya I guess everyone has their own luck 🙂. I wish everyone good luck . I m here in nl a week now .. tomorrow I pick up my residence card and then get my ass a job 🤣🤣

Thats great. Wish you all the luck and sucess!

Thank you darling 🌺

How long on an average does it take for MVV approval? My partner submitted application 12 days ago also got notification from IND  that they have received the application but it may take three months... so do i have to wait for 3 months or if may come any time in between ?

3 months or 90 days is the decision period, so it depends from one case to another case some of us here got the decision in 90 days and some in earlier time.. the approval is not the final stage/phase.

You will need to prepare all your documents and head to the Dutch embassy/consulate to handover some original supporting documents and get the MVV sticker on your passport.

Moreover, you will be needing your birth certificate in Netherland so it is best to have it translated into Engish or French or German to legalize it at the embassy.

Now that was the final stage/phase at your country.

Good Luck my friend

Hello guys, my husband and I also applied MVV online, just wondering when they do give us approval, will they send an email? Or just send by post mail?
If they do send approval email, did you guys get it at which time of the day? Because we got inburgering test results at 22:00 (Nederlands tijd), just thinking maybe they have a certain specific time to send people information. I’ll be so grateful if anyone would like to share his/her experience about this..

They will send you the results as soon they received it from the organisation. People only work due office hours so when you received your email at evening it has nothing to do with them but with time zones or the services of the email system.
Mostly you will be informed by email and the official letter by the post.

Thanks for your reply, but yea I’m exactly wondering of the service time of email system. I know this sounds quite ridiculous, but if I can know the time which they send email then I can just focus on waiting for that certain moment, then the rest the day i can just stop wishing maybe this’s the day we get our results...

I advice you to don't do so.

Go on with your life and check now and then your emails or are you planning sitting the whole time if front of your computer waiting until the mail arrived? What a waste of time! Go out, visit friends or do what you normal do to be occupied with nice things. Time will pass more quickly and you are less nervous and stressed.

Thanks again for reply Primadonna, I also aware myself of the problem that wasting lifetime on waiting, but your suggestion is easier to say than to do it. It’s like everyone knows the process can take up to 90 days, but still search around for people’s experience if there’s any chance to get approval earlier, and hope that today is the day..

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