Hello Member in Nha Trang

I'm from Melbourne, Australia and as I've decided to retire in Nha Trang  in mid-February 2018, I'd truly  appreciate any information I can get re housing, travel etc, so that I don't get "taken for a ride".

I've had several responses to my ad from locals; but am a bit skeptical about how "true to life" the information and photographs supplied are.

I would be truly grateful, if someone from Nha Trang could provide me with information which would be of assistance to me.

Thanks and regards

Hello Electra. I'm not sure what information you are seeking. But as a rough guide, I would say mid-February is the worst possible date to arrive as it's the beginning of the Tet holiday. Everyone in Vietnam descends on NT and pays exorbitant rents for the two weeks. Hotels are booked solid or charge lofty prices. You might want to reconsider an ETA of March.

Consider staying in an airbnb for the first week so you have someone to direct you to the right bus, scooter rental, gas station, etc.

If you google apartments for rent Nha Trang, you will be directed to several agencies. Ms. Trang is the end result for most searches. She's reliable and smart and diligent. You contact her when you arrive and she will find you something by the end of that first week. There are also some Facebook groups for Nha Trang expats and for families and for business, etc. People often list apartments and houses for rent on there.

I don't know what travel in particular you're seeking information. But there are two discount airlines in Vietnam which charge very reasonable prices. I've flown VietJetAir the last few times for ridiculously cheap fares ($4 one way to Saigon!). You can book them last minute or in advance for the cheapest promotion fares. You can find them online. Just make sure to check your texts and phone as they can change the times at the last minute. There are buses in from the NT airport and in the other city airports as well. The city bus in Saigon runs downtown in minutes and costs about 35 cents U.S.

I wouldn't worry too much about being taken for a ride. I've found the Vietnamese - outside the outdoor markets, Xom Moi the least appalling, Vinh Hai second least - to be helpful, friendly, and honest (within profit-making parameters). You are coming to a city that feeds only upon tourists, so you have to keep their perspective in mind as well. But in a very short time I've made some lovely friends here and they could not be nicer.

If you have any other more specific questions, I will try and answer with the caveat that I too am new here and know comparatively little.



The only way not to get shafted is by learning what things cost. I use a system where I ask a price, if the seller cant tell you straightaway or looks up to the sky to think, then you are probably getting shafted.

That's excellent advice, Colinoscapee. Useful for big and little negotiations.

Electra, I should add that Ms Trang will show you the higher priced expat buildings along the waterfront or close by. These tend to be more expensive but also more Westernized.

There are other agents who specialise in the areas near either Coop Mart or Big C supermarkets.

There are also real estate web sites in Vietnamese only for properties marketed to locals only.

What I might suggest is taking a one or three month rental lease through Ms. Trang and giving yourself a good window to familiarise yourself with neighbourhoods and prices. Then move when you feel more knowledgeable.

Another option to airbnb are the small hotels called home stays. They're often on airbnb so you'd find them anyway. The ones in the tourist area tend to be booked far in advance but you can always try.

New and improved :

There are also real estate web sites in Vietnamese only for properties marketed to locals only.

I think that these sites are not for Vietnamese people only  as much as they are in Vietnamese language only.  If you can get a local person to assist you with the search and subsequent rental agreement, I think you will find landlords willing to rent.

Hello - can I have Ms. Trang contact info please.
I’m in NT for a couple of days and woud like to see my
Waterfront options.  Thanks Yogi

Wait a minute.  Can we have more than one Yogi in Nha Trang?   :/

Those Yogis are everywhere.

Yogi is sui generis.

Hi! I am new at Nha Trang but have already learnt a lot about here. Speaking about housing: everything depends on the size and condition of the flat/house. If you are looking for cheaper option, you can pay attention to the south district (to the south from the former airport) - this place is resided mainly by locals and there are not so many touristic destinations here, that's why the price for rent is lower than in the north or the center of the city. E.g. in the house where I rent a flat you can rent a large studio for 250$ per month. What about commuting, be ready to the fact that walking by foot is quite problematic here - sidewalks are designated for everything but pedestrians:) It would be much easier to use motorbike for travelling. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help

Ms. Trang can be reached at 84 90 537 8537 or by email at services[at]

You are absolutely correct, THIGV. But if Electra is new in town she won't have the necessary Vietnamese friends yet to translate the web site postings, the negotiations, the contract, etc. I should have been more clear. You're a terrific editor!

Hello June, Colinoscapee, Sunny19891989 and New and Improved

Thank you all for your prompt responses and your extremely helpful advice.

I wish I could ride a motorbike; but sadly, I can't. I know my limitations.

Kindest regards

Electra, rent in the north - UPlaza, Muong Thanh Oceanus or Grand, are all oceanfront. You can walk to food and markets and banks. You can take buses to downtown or to the supermarkets. There are banks of taxis out front 24/7. It's much quieter than downtown but only a short #4 bus ride away. Try the Riptide or Vivid Seaside home stays for your arrival. Both are on that bus route in the north.

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