Query about imigration dept of malaysia

I want to know if the enforcement team will be there in imigration dept of kelana jaya branch.
Because i wont be able to visit the office during weekdays and kelana jaya office is opened on weekends too.

Kindy help

You do need to go to Putrajaya, I think, but you could phone for information http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/enforcement.html

Hi gravitas ..
I am illegal in malaysia since 6 months . Now my employer have send my EP request to process .but it got rejected due to lack of doc .. and secondly i am still in malaysia .. can i do an exit even now when my EP in process .. can my employer will take any action on me??

You have to do an exit, as when immigration see the copy of your passport, they will notice you are still in Malaysia and will not process any EP application.

Immigration have been alerted to the fact you are illegal by your company making the EP application so it's good to go to Enforcement division now.

Before you go to Enforcement I think you should purchase your flight ticket to show you intend to leave within 7 days of your visit to them. The other option might be to go to the airport and deal with immigration there. I don't know much about deportation, so cannot advise which is the best to do.

An EP process can only start once a copy of the Malaysian exit stamp and entry stamp in India (or where you go back to) is sent to immigration. But you may get a ban.

The employer is your worst enemy - so treat them accordingly. They have been totally irresponsible if they have not organised your immigration properly.

I have already spoken with the indian high commission in malaysia and they are helping for an exit .but will be ban for 5yrs ... in that case will my employer will come to know that there is any exit on my passport .. or MDEC will inform my employer

I don't think anybody other than immigration will know what is your status, apart from the HC. But it will be recorded in the immigration system and in your passport.

Can police will try to hold me from boarding my flight if my employer does a complaint against me after my exit is chopped on passport

The employer has broken the immigration and taxation laws, so I doubt they will want to get involved with your departure in any way. One question to ask the HC is whether you should make a Police Report about the company's behaviour.

I just want to exit .. hc asked to lodge  a complaint but for that i have to stay back.

if employer come to know that if u exit employer cant do any thing coz the employer did not go into the process of the immigration system so its better to exit ... if once come to know also to employer the employer will be in trouble coz he has to answer the immigration or polis .... if ur passport is choped with exit stamp at airport nothing a problem to u ,,,, ur safe to exit

u can go to putajaya also there also u can find enforcement team but before that u need to have return ticket it will be best to u

Thanks mustaq,

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I spoke with HC and they says that its difficult to exit if ur EP is in process .. i knw that my employer have processed for any EP in mid of dec and its in a reject stage ..can i still exit at this moment .. i asked him how can an employer apply an ep when i m here in same country .. he said if he has influence then he can do that ..its not a big thing here ..

Can u help me with something

I think the official probably does not know much about immigration procedures.

Of course you can exit - if that is what you want to do - the EP may NEVER be resolved and always be in REJECT mode. You wrote earlier that it was rejected because of lack of paperwork and that you were in the country.

The application will be cancelled. You haven't said what the letter about the Bond you were asked to sign said.  You should ask to have a copy immediately.

What letter or bond u are talking .. and whom should i ask that for?

My employer asked me to sign a contractual bond for EP process

I think you should have a copy of the contractual bond letter you signed to see what you have agreed to. The HR probably gave it or sent it to you electronically.

I think you should read it and have a copy.

Is your employer a large company?

Employer is a small company .. and i think for  professional EP bond is not that important .. and if the EP is not given how can a bond be applicable .. its a training bond and there are few monetory terms .. will it be applicable if i go back to my country

That is what I was thinking about. There is no Bond for a Professional EP but I was just thinking if they were paying the money to immigration dept they might ask for a refund - but as they are hardly legally abiding by any rules, I think it is unlikely.

So you mean to say is i cant leave the country without my employer consent . Is that what u mean or something else

Waiting for ur reply ..

You can leave when you want. Just book your flight out before going to Enforcement as recommended.

How much cash ringgets can we cary while travelling out from malaysia to other country

as i came to know 30k Rm at the airport

From forums that I read its 30k. By any chances if you are returning to India am ready to buy ringitt at the days rate

If you are able to leave at all, consider yourself lucky. When you called Immigration did you tell them you were overstayed 6 months? That itself is a serious offence and simply having an air ticket may not save you from detention. I would at least try to talk to immigration by phone on the matter of overstay. Part of the problem of calling is that they may tell you its OK to leave and then nab you at the airport. Its not the police that would detain you but the immigration officers. Then they throw you in a big blue lorry along with other detainees and you would be taken to the immigration department while chained to the others.

Years ago on a tourist visa I went to the airport on the 89th day of a 90-day visa and they initially detained me but on further discussion let me go. Thats how sensitive this is. I would expect either they detain you, or detain you for the purpose of fines. What is the least fine, RM10/day for overstay? Six months would be RM1800--if they even let you pay it. You should never have allowed this to happen.

They cant hold you if an EP is processing since one is supposed to be out of the country anyway. But to my understanding it would mean the application would otherwise continue to process unless docs become a problem again and then since you are not here to fix it, the application dies. I mean to say that on the immigration computers at the airport, an EP application may not show up and if its not being actively discussed by you, other departments will continue to work on the application. If you become banned, that info will eventually propagate to all computers.

My advice is to ask your embassy for help or advice for safe passage out of the country. If you get banned for 5 years thats the least of your troubles. Getting away without fines or detention should be your only focus. My advice is to NOT show up in front of any officer as an overstayer because they have too many unhappy options and powers at their fingertips. If you go to Putrajaya now, you run the risk of detention so keep your distance until you are confident of the ability to leave.

I cannot say what they will do or not do since rules are applied inconsistently here. Different day, different officer, different answer.  While the company shares blame in this, your immigration status is your own responsibility. Im very sure of just one thing, when trouble starts the employer will run as far away from you as possible.

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