Looking at moving to malaysia from Australia

Gday there 😁
My hubby and I are looking at selling up and moving to somewhere around Georgetown. Can you tell me living in malaysia your best place to live and tips on moving or things to avoid. We are looking for a sea change with a relaxed laid back lifestyle
Thanks in advance for your response
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Richard & Vicki

The Aussie community lives mainly north of George Town in Tanjung Tokong and Tanjung Bungah around Straits Quay. Some like the Miami Beach / Green area as well. So anywhere from Gurney Drive northwards up the coastline. The best place to get info is in the FB group Expats in Penang or Partners in Penang.

Hey Gravitas
Thanks so much for your reply we will definitely look at that area. We are going to geoegetown to have a look and get a feel of tbe country in june so we will definitely look at the areas you suggested thanks so much. 😁

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