On the topic of marriage + permission to stay

Hello, and thank you for the time to read and respond!

I have met the love of my life, and she lives in Vienna, Austria, or as they say, Wien, Osterreich. I am currently on my first visit to Wien, but we're serious about marriage.

I have read that it is very hard to get Austrian citizenship, but, I am less concerned about that for now (being American), and more concerned about just being able to stay with her.

Things I understand about Austrian immigration:
* German speaking is preferred to get a permit to stay in Austria
* Skilled workers are preferred to non-skilled
* There is an expected monthly income requirement, so you don't use the welfare system
* It is becoming very difficult, if not impossible, to seek asylum

1) Thankfully, I am a computer programmer, and that seems to be an in-demand job out here, and in most of central Europe.

2)  I am financially stable, and make many times the noted monthly income requirement from work back home (my job is supportive of me being with this girl, so much, they're letting me work remotely!!!)

3) I am not seeking asylum, as I am marrying this girl, not running from any kind of a political issue back home

Regardless, I am asking what the best course of action to persue legally staying here....at least temporarily. The permanent citizenship status can come later, I understand, after I learn German and remain in Austria for a certain amount of time. That's not my issue yet. I just want to be able to stay with her, now that we're together.

It's definitely complicated, but also possible.

I am in IT too, and I was able to get a work permit. You have to show a LOT of supporting documentation, but the people at the visa office (in Feldkirch) were very helpful. The visa that I got was something for workers in occupations that were hard to find workers for here in western Austria.

Getting a "Family" visa actually seemed a little harder, mainly due to the language and other hoops you have to jump through.

Let me know if you have any specific questions!


I am in a similar situation coming from California. I already asked her to marry me and we will get our marriage license in California, then apostille all my records and paperwork including marriage certificate to bring to Bregenz. I have no degree just managing retail stores and currently 7+ years experience in assisting ophthalmologist and optometrist. I am aware I must learn German unfortunately were I live has no courses to learn basic German. I just study from library or apps. I want to get a resident permit but even if your married it seems very vague on what may happen. does anyone have any advice? also I have spoke to the US embassy in Vienna & Los Angeles, which tells me to look up websites, and I do but it just seems crazy that even if you get married your the same as a visitor or tourist allowed 3 months. Her family is has several people who will give me work there in Bregrenz as well. I am not seeking asylum nor trying to get welfare. I never took advantage of social benefits in USA and never will anywhere in my life. Me and my fiancés plan is to get all the paperwork ready to go, then in May 2018, I will fly to Austria and immediately start a 4 week german course to pass A1 german. please give me some advice if you have any. thankyou, Nicholas

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