Seeking a new job

Looking for a. new job experienced in plastic tube .Manufacturing ,compression molding

You will need a green card/work visa to allow you to move to and work in the US.

Puerto Rico has very few jobs, you will need a US work permit in order to work in PR or any other US state.
I am not aware of any plastic manufactoring in Puerto Rico.

Unemployment is close to 18% at the moment and you never mentioned your fluency level in Spanish. Few jobs in PR do not require Spanish fluency.

Why do you want to move to PR?

Rey, there are a couple of plastic manufacturing plants in PR, but like you said, little change on any job on the island. Especially if you don't speak Spanish and don't have a green card..

Im not good in English is good .plastic manufacturing is my specialitty .in compression molding .can use any kind of machinery's with proper training .

I like the place..

Language is not a problem for me .I'm a fast learner .I don't know how to get a work permit for us ...

Vyshakh717 :

I don't know how to get a work permit for us ...

That's very difficult. Unless you have very special skills or a close family member who would be eligible to "sponsor" you it's impossible to get a work permit or a green card. The "easiest" way is getting married to an American citizen but be aware that immigration knows this, too and they know all the tricks that people who get married just for a green card are trying to use.
Even if you would be able to obtain a green card it's still very hard to land a job here on the island. You'd have a much better chance in the mainland USA. IF you have a green card...
Look here to learn about the possibilities:

There are companies that will get you into the states with an H1B visa based on your skills. They typically pay you crap but it is a possibility. Check in your country. Basically the goverment has a pool of H1B visas and companies get some, for each of those they can hire a high skill person at a low wage compared to a citizen. .

Thank u for these valuable information.marrying a us citizen is still miles away I love try my best to do it in the legal ways .. thank u for helping me . hope I will see u guys soon. ...vyshakh

If (a big if) you can obtain a work visa, you will need a special skill to obtain employment in PR. Plastic molding not much demand.

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