as salam walikum h r u ?

           im from india...i came here on three months job visa for working ..but i dont like working here..i dont wana work here.. i wana go home.. and my passport is with my company .. i ask them the passport ..they denied ..and they ask me to pay money ... i just wana go home.. i dont like working here .. plz help me ..wat can i do ..

wsalam Salman, Its understandable that Saudi Arabia is much dry without any entertainment. This might be the reason you don't want to work here but Believe me, make some good friends, schedule some activities like cooking etc. Saudi arabia is good place to earn and save money. I would recommend to be patient because mostly people have similar situation but they are compromising because of money. So please be patient my brother

as per new law no company can keep your passport if they do so and authorities come to know they will take very strickt action against them so, try to talk with your company HR ..
but even through they return you your passport you will not be able to travel until company issue you final visa

bhai im trying to be strong..but i left my mom alone in india..im the only one son for her..i wana go home to look after her..and no one is there to take care of her..i told the company but they are  not giving my passport..i just wana go home...bhai plz suggest me ..

they ask me to pay 6000SR

bhai..im on just 3months visa...i have not signed any contract..they just gave me a chamber paper..when police caught me ask them to show this paper thts all

Salman, Don't be depressed and disappointed. Please talk to your immediate boss / HR manager that you have serious family issues back to India and your mother is alone there. Its being difficult to manage. Talk to them like this.. InshaAllah they will consider your request.
Be strong , You are not the only one guy who is facing such issues. there are 1000s people who are sacrificing :) be strong

i asked them ..many times.. they just said no no. and they even threaten me..if i ask them again n again..they going to put me in huroob

if you want to leave in any case and they are doing this stupid things with you then visit labor office with your complain .... i dont think so they will be able to justify the haroob with no contract

dont know bhai..wat to do now ?

Contact your Embassy

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