My Son’s student visa application is rejected

Dear All,

I am holding S Pass and working in Singapore since 2013. I am married and having 20 months old kid. I managed to get dependant pass for my Wife as the salary criteria was S$4000 at the time of my wife’s arrival here. But I was not able to get DP for my kid as later it was increased to S$5000.
I tried applying for student pass after my Kid was accepted by a childcare centre. But it was rejected. No reason was given. I am planning to apply again in January. Is there anything else I can do before I apply for student pass to increase the success rate?
Please advice any possible way to help reunite our baby with us.
Thanks in advance!!

As far as I know, kids below primary school age cannot be full-time student and thus cannot get a student pass. You may ask the shool you enroll your kid in whether they have experience with this.
By the way: The DP criteria will be increased to S$6000/month minimum salary to bring wife and/or kids, from 1.Jan.2018. If you cannot raise your income, you will have problems at the next DP renewal for your wife. Maybe time to consider returning to your home country?

Agreed with Beppi, sorry to say, even I can see your wife’s DP won’t be renewed after it expires cause from January 2018, the pass holder should have $6000 salary per month in order to eligible apply DP for spouse and children. So, think again and plan your future accordingly. Good luck

Thanks for your replies!
I did receive notification from MOM regarding the DP criteria change. However they have mentioned that existing DPs generally will not be affected by the new salary change.
My doubt is what is the strong reason that ICA rejects even though the child is accepted for childcare in the childcare school?
Requesting someone to advice with similar to my case if they have been successful with student pass application

I think you read it wrongly. MoM might have said that the existing DP holders won’t be affected for this change (example: if your wife’s DP is valid till January, 2019 then she won’t be impacted immediately and can continue to stay till January, 2019. But, when you are going to apply for renewal in January,2019 that time your salary must be minimum $6000 or else you can’t renew her DP).

I believe student pass is not applied to babies. You can double check with ICA. This could be the reason why they might have rejected. Hope you will have $6k salary so that you can apply DP for your baby as well. Good luck

MOM had mentioned in that letter stating that those who hold DP before Jan2018 , will not be impacted at renewal by this new salary criteria change. FYI
However it is really subjective . I understand that MOM have the rights to assess the renewal against their own discretion

You are partially correct, in MoM website (just checked their FAQs section), it has stated that DP renewal won’t be affected if you are working for same employer. It will be affected if you change the employer. So, shouldn’t be an issue for you till you work with your existing employer. But can’t apply DP for your child till you meet newly set up minimum eligibility criteria starting from January, 2018. Good luck

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