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Hi.My husband is in Brussels from 8th October 2017.I am now in kolkata.We are gathering all the docs for my dependent visa.My question is how long it can be taken to get the dependent visa?Is there any chance that it will go to Belgium immigration team for checking?How to fasten the process to get the visa?Please help me.



Thank you.Actually now eve of Christmas is going on.So am worried.There is one more thing I would request to please tell me.My husband has not got RP card and he has changed his accommodation.So wil his previous module 2 will be accepted?Can I apply for my visa with RP card with previous address and annexure15 or it is better to apply fresh model 2 and showing that to visa?

Is there any chance to get the visa fast as he has not completed 6 months there?Please tell me if there is any way to expedite the process?

Is it mandatory that they will send the file to Brussels?

It is upto them whether they send the file to Belgium or not. There is no way to speed up the process.

Do apply with the current address of your spouse and all documents (rental contract, modele 2, etc etc) indicating the current address.

Thank you so much.So it will be better if we apply with new model 2 right?


Hi Aneeshks.Can I extend my tourist visa after reaching Belgium as my husband is there with valid work permit and rental agreement?I mean after reaching with a tourist visa can I extend it?

Not possible. You have to go back to home country in order to apply for long term visa.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Can you please tell me that if it is mandatory to stamp the rental agreement of the apartement or without stamp it is fine?

Rental contract must be registered. Landlord can also do it online nowadays. They can give you the reference number of online registration or an email confirmation of registration.

Can my husband go and do it by himself?Does it take much time?

More info: … ng-a-lease

It says the landlord must do it, but your husband can give it a try. Take 3 copies of the agreement to Office of the Collector of Registrations (Bureau du Receveur de l'Enregistrement, Rue de la Régence 54, 4th floor, 1000 Brussels, tel. 02 578 09 73, open 8.00 to 12.00).

Online registration (for the landlord I guess):

Thank you so much.

Hi.If after filing visa we appoint a lawyer can it be helpful to get the visa faster?

Normally no.. But it is a good way to spend some more money :) hehe..

IMHO, a lawyer can add no extra value if your paperwork is perfect and your application is just waiting in the ministry queue for decision making. All he/she may do is to keep following up, which you can also do. Now that all the files take this long to process, I would not go into that direction. This is just my opinion :)

Thank you so much.Can you please provide me a checklist for the documents needed to file the visa successfully?

It is all in VFS website and discussed many times in many existing threads in this forum. Please go through the available resources. … _VISA.aspx

This page tells you the timelines DOFI offers in processing family re-union visas. It takes time. All you can do is to make sure the file is perfect so that once it is picked there is no further complication.

Thank you so much.So i have to wait at least for four months right?It can be extended but can not be less.Right?

That is correct if the file is sent to Belgium for decision making.

HI Aneesh,

May I know what is model 2 ?

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I think its a police certificate.

manish3889 :

HI Aneesh,

May I know what is model 2 ?

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Model2 is the 'Certificate of Residence' issued by your local commune.

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