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Hi all. I'm a Hindu and a British citizen and in a relationship with a Javanese muslim lady settled in Bali for a while now. I'm travelling to Bali this June to tie the knot. I'll be attaining my freedom to marry letter from the British Consulate in Bali. My girlfriend will be converting to Hindu in a religious temple ceremony in Lamongan, Java and marry her thereafter in accordance with Hindu tradition. Thereafter register in the marriage office. Will this marriage be legally binding and bring my future wife back to the UK.  Thank you

As far as I understand, it will not be legally binding in the UK, only in Indonesia, but I am not an expert on these things. Perhaps you could also get married when you both visit the UK.

Also I assume you meet the income threshold required for bringing a non EU wife to live in the UK?

Abdulkhalil, this is the op's other thread of the same question and this one is not getting any love.

When I married I was told that my marriage was legally binding as all the paperwork is in English and completed correctly but the rules may now have changed.

Rules seem to change a lot when it comes to the UK. However as I am not planning to go back anytime soon I have never followed it up nor probably will I unless I really have to.

I might very well be wrong. I did check up on it some time ago just to know the situation should I ever want to move back to the UK in the future. Seems that the best option was to get married in the UK at a registry office. Mine is a Muslim marriage so we have the marriage books. I also have no plans to return to the UK in the foreseeable future, nor to become an Indonesian citizen.

If your different faith you can’t marry legally within Indonesia even if one is catholic and the other Protestant (both Christian) it’s not legal. one or the other must convert before the marriage takes place this has been the case for either always but certainly the last  17 years  as a few expats have converted over the years that’s not to say rule changes in the past but me and others are not aware of any
Options for mixed marriage have a local one but no legal binding
Don’t fall in the trap when your told marrying in Bali is legal ITS NOT
- go to singapore but expensive as one of you must be in the country for 15 days minimum to register the marriage, but you still can’t marry for a further 7 days after that, you need to bring your own witness/s also 2+
I’ve just done mixed marriage in Thailand easier and quicker much nicer than Singapore
In this case you need to obtain N1,2,3,4 & 5 if Indonesian wife divorced or widow N6 also and original certificate to show divorce or widow plus old marriage books
Not sure for you, you would need to contact your embassy in the country you wish to marry (if you marry overseas)
When you return take Indonesian Embassay copy of your translation to local marriage office in Indonesia to obtain local one then your finished all legal

For expats who marry abroad (UK expats) if local laws are followed in the country of marriage they is no need to register the marriage in the UK even if you change of faith for Indonesian who marry abroad they is a bit of leg work to do to make it legal in Indonesia

Apologies just seen your from the UK

He can't marry legally as he wants to change the lady's KTP after the marriage.
If her KTP says 'Islam', she can't legally marry a Hindu.

KTP first, if she can get that past the local officials who could well block it if they're that way inclined.

Marrying in Bali is legal if done right...don/t know what her family think of their Muslum girl changing faiths..Mine is Muslum to Muslum..As I had to become Muslum to marry...and it is legal in Australia..As long as it is a legal marriage in that country..: ,ie: recognized by that Gov/t...and yes some Marriages in Hindu r just Village not legal.A lot of the times ,a Muslum woman must stay Muslum and the man changes.or in a lot of cases they discard her...That/s if their strict.Maybe u should marry legal on Bali registered...and legal...civil. and go to Lembogan for honeymoon.

I recently married my Muslim girlfriend in Chiang Mai northern Thailand after completing all requirements with paperwork here in Indonesia and again in Thailand, we’ve recently obtained our Indonesian marriage paperwork and is fully legal
That’s another alternative for a mixed faith Marriage to be legal and recognised the world over
The reason I /we chose this option is because I personally have no time for any religion, but that doesn’t mean I do not respect other people’s beliefs as I do. I certainly wouldn’t take on any religion for the purpose of marriage, again I respect others choices
Congratulations and good luck

we were going to go to Singapore ...where u can keep both faiths...marrying there.///but i became Muslum....not sure if I should have..been to Muslum divorce court twice....I.m not religious .*****good luck..

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Quite a few go to singapore but it’s a 20+ day process bride or groom has to be in Singapore for at least 15 nights (you can then leave SG if you want) then a further 7 days (ish) until you can actually marry, hence we went to Thailand, cheaper, much much nicer place and way quicker
On a more serious note (not sure if your joking or not) with regard to a divorce court (apologies if true but I chuckled over the reason)
I was once told of something similar when or where no idea, but the guy who converted got in to serious trouble with authorities but I think it was not having his doo dar cut when he/ documents said he had, think his then wife wanted shut of him and basically grassed him up, like I said could be true or beer talk

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