Rude examiner

I took my driving test recently.the examiner was extremely rude.asked me to apply the breaks slowly whereas i was applying them normally..accused me of breaking her neck because of my way of applying the break..kept screaming n annoying me by accusing me for lame things. In the end asked me not to look at her face even..i stopped at the stop sign even if there was no cars..she told me cant i see that there is no cars..why r u waiting?just go n when i went within 1 sec she said i didnt stop at stop sign..where as i did..has anyone experienced such examiners?


Yes unfortunately we have heard similar incidents happen earlier.

T&R a girl n she is a lady as well..i dont know what problem she has if i looked at her..that also before driving the car..when i sat on my seat..she kept accusing me all the way.

I totally understand your frustration, it has happened with male members as well. But unfortunately nothing could be done about it, just pray that next time you get someone else.

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