English speaking friends in Warsaw

Hi everyone!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  to all.

I am Ash, looking for english speaking friends from around the world to explore city & life here.
I am environmental Engineer by profession and come for work. Work will take a bit to start so like to have some good friends around. Have seen the city center area but don't know much around.
Would appreciate for any guidance or activities to kill the time.


I can help you to get to know the city :) we can make an appointment and do something interesting, I'm new in the city too, but I know some nice places to hang out :)

Hello. My name is Isabel and I'm polis woman living near Warsaw. As a student I lived in Las Vegas and Seattle so I know that sometimes it can be hard in a new place without friends and family, but I can assure you guys that Poland is a wonderful place to live.
Hope you already found somebody to hang around in the city.
If not, please write me.

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