Saigon craft distillery

The craft distillery business has taken off like crazy the past few years in the US.   My research tells me that very little l distilled beverage production exists within Vietnam.  These sorts of businesses create very high quality rum, whiskey, vodka etc. from locally sourced raw materials, selling into high end bars, hotels, restaurants.   I am interested in finding a potential partner already located in Saigon who has deep knowledge of local drinking customs, business development and governmental issues around opening a new business.  My plan is to move there within the next year or so to start and run the distillery.

Hi Rob

There are some people who have just started to to do local rhum
contact me by private message if you want their contact


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Hello mrob,

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My name is Robert and i live in saigon for a while now.
I read your post and wanting to ask you on what terms you are looking for a potential partner?
I am asking you because i am interested.



Hello All,
It is true that craft brewery is a hot trend but is very niche.  I have lived in HCMC for over a year and my wife and I operate a coffee shop.  I was more interested in restaurants with a full bar and have been researching lots.  I can share more info but it's best to meet and discuss or video conference.  Vietnam is very tricky to operate businesses but it could be very profitable if you have the "know-hows" and the connections.


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