Thai Bank account

Can you open a Thai bank account whilst on a tourist visa.

Kasikorn bank appears to be the only bank that allows tourists to open an account. Apply in branch , takes about an hour and you get card and pin while you wait

May I know which branch? Please

Thank you

All branches should do it , Kasikorn has branches in all cities,

Thank you.

/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ all functionalities we want? like bank transfers and all? or there are some limitation ?

Internet banking and direct debit would be standard .  The branch can assist you with this.

You really need to be "on the ground" or visiting the branch in person.
Try different branches if you fail, or different tellers on different days.
This is Thailand.

Too Easy.

I opened my account with Bangkok Bank. If they ask for a letter of residency get one from your landlord.
Department of immigration will give you one for 400 BHT.

Vietnam is even easier. I took my passport to ACB bank. Debit card on spot. Can buy anything anywhere even online and get cash from ATM for 5 cents.

Now here is a link to get a free 500 pound sterling or equivalent transfer.

Just copy into browser.

I have transfered thousands with them, they cannot be beaten. You will save a fortune on what banks steal from you.

Then introduce 3 people like i am doing and you get 50 quid.

Use mostly anywhere in the world.

Hi richard.we got one from bangkok bank.all we needed was usual stuff passport ,photos,copies of passport.but most of all was residential certificate that stated where we where living at that time from immigration.that was in hua hin.20 stamps 42 signatures and we were in.

Hi Fulham were you on a visitors visa when you applied for the account?

Tourist Visa is fine.

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