My brothers and sisters Russia here is for only Russians because the living conditions here are tougher for foreigners especially we the blacks.
To mention a few, you know the level of racism and the inability to do any respectable here as a black.
Without a Russian passport you can not work in any well known company and the kind of jobs most of the blacks do here is to share advertising papers at metro stations in this cold and you can imagine how hard and hectic this could be. Another challenge is their language. You need to learn the language before you can even try to communicate to any one for help because apart from their language there is no other language to express yourself to them.
Moscow is the city with high standards of living as compared to other cities in Russia and that's the only place you can find this kind of jobs easily but the cold would not favor you to work.
Accommodation here is moderate but quite challenging and due to that many of our African brothers and sisters squatter 6-10 heads in a room both male and female.
Living here as a student is the best way to live legal with documents and without any harassment from police. But due to the unavailability of jobs you can't school and at the same time be working. so without any support from home you then turn out to live illegal which makes your living risky because you can be caught and sent to their detention camps to serve for sometime before being deported to your country.

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