Student looking for English marketing job in Budapest

Szia! I am a currently a senior student studying at Colorado State University and will be earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. In the meantime, I need help and am searching for a job to begin after I graduate in May 2018. I have international marketing experience and love to travel. I absolutely love Budapest and have a huge desire to work there while I'm still young. Would anyone know any US companies interested in hiring or have any available positions open in the summer? Either marketing or any English fluent job? Any advice would be great as well! Kozonom! :)


- The US-Hungarian social security payment agreement is still not ideal.
- You will earn less than in Western EU countries
- How much Hungarian do you know?
- Hungary, from the Governments's own plan, is turning "eastward". What can you offer as an American? Work visas will depend on that.
- Otherwise, look at sites like Linkedin, or similar, for job offers that may fit your needs.

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