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We will be in Italy in 2018 for several months (early May to end of October) and we need an apartment or house to rent. we will be bringing 2 dogs (approx 50 and 80 pounds).

I will be attending a faculty sabbatical on the island on San Servolo. the organizer of the sabbatical suggests looking at the islands of Guidecca or Lido, and the sestiere of Castello.

any suggestions where to start?

Mark from Greeley, CO, USA

Hi Mark,
My husband and I know Venice very well as we travel there nearly every year spending a minimum of 5 to 12 weeks there.
I suggest you contact Luxrest Venice  this is a family run business and they have a variety of apartments in all sestieri of Venice. I cannot speak more highly of this company their apartments are true to what is stated on their website they are also incredibly helpful plus they  located in Venice.
I suggest you contact Barbara Carron who is one of the directors and also speaks perfect English.
In our experience over many years having the advantage of a local run business makes life so much easier especially if something breaks down or you get lost, as they are only a phone call away.
Please feel free to tell Barbara that I recommended you to her.
Also very happy to offer any other advice in regards to the beloved city of Venice my passion for this city is always overwhelming and also its people.
Regards Trish Evans

Affito.it has some good places, not sure about the specific location.

...But if you just google "appartamento arredato in affitto" (furnished apartment for rent), you will find a lot of agencies. I'd suggest checking if they have apartments in this specific location. Maybe also google "appartamento arredato in affitto a ______(location)____"

If you find a place on there, you can usually send them a message with the details of your rent, etc. and mention the dogs.

But yeah, it's all going to be in Italian. If it's in English, it's probably more expensive. Last case scenario, AirBnb gives monthly discounts.

search for it in subito.it and in this facebook group:

the Lido island in that period should be cheaper than the historical town.

Hi Trish,

thanks much! I will contact Luxrest Venice;  happy to mention your name. We are very excited about moving near Venice (we visited for a day on our first trip to Italy in 2015; very nice experience). I will let you know about my experience with Luxrest. thanks again for taking the time to respond to my post!

Ciao, Mark

thanks much, your post was really helpful.. we are still looking for a place, but I am finding a lot more on line based on your suggestions..


Hello, I am new to this forum.  I am moving to the Treviso/Venice area to work as a teacher and need to rent an apartment for 1 month whilst we look for more long term accommodation.  I will be working in Roncade so happy to rent somewhere in Southern Treviso, Quarto d'Altino, Roncade etc. there are 2 adults on child.  Needed from 20th August 2018.

Welcome to the forum borneotalk.

It may be difficult to find accommodation for a month as apartments would be rented on a longer, more permanent basis.
I would suggest air bnb or perhaps ask the school where you will be teaching for suggestions.

My job offered free accommodation for me but a charge for my family which turned out to be 900 euros. I have worked in international schools for many years and often the people who they recommend charge the most as they know expats will pay it. I would also like to remain independent if possible.  It doesn't have to be one month, it could be 1 -2 weeks until we can find our feet.

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