Looking for other people moving to Cambodia

I’ll be moving to Cambodia next year and I’m wondering if there are any other members around currently registered or lurking who is also wanting to move to Cambodia and wants to get in touch and make connections with others? Maybe we can support each other?

If anyone is interested please private message me.

Hi SatinStar!

It may help if you say something about yourself. There's not just one, two or three but many who may get in touch with you.



Just moved here my self from

Hi my name is ian.. catchy my name on expat forum..I likely moving to phnom penh about middle of year or just before..I am going to rent an apartment and stay for long time..I have visited twice before..

i am from australia

:) Hi, what do you call yourself?
Where about are you relocating from? Will you be working or studying abroad or both? Please excuse the inquiries, I'm just particularly curious, did you plan to stay in the city?


Hi Sam.

The OP did not answer any request for more info.

You could try to send him a private message, maybe that works.

Good luck.

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moving soon look forward to meeting up with others also

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