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I am looking for a serviced apartment not far from the beach with 2 bedrooms and airconditing.  I want to be able to walk to the beach from where I am living.  The place must be absolutely modern and good mattresses on the beds. Must have an open living space with living are and ktchen combined.  Must have a pool and preferable a view of the ocean and be walking distance to the beach.  Must be close to food places with good cultural cuisine.  Must have all modern conveniences and be exceptionally clean.

You don't mention the period of time you want to stay there and you don't mention a budget.

Contrary to another poster I know such places exist in Sihanoukville, just usually for a longer period of time.

So please state your budget and time expected to stay, and on top put it in the Housing in Sihanoukville section.

Good luck.

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