Entry with 6 months and 15 days until passport expires

I will renentry cambodia after newyear 2:nd january and i need stay 1 month here. My passport expires july 18 is thatt okej or i need get new passport? (According to the rule of valid 6months passport when enter)

Your passport is supposed to be valid for 6 months AFTER expiry date of your visa.

If you enter on Jan 2, your visa will expire on Jan. 31 (30 days, not one month), so your passport has to be valid beyond July 31.

These are the rules.

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Expat.com team

Thank you for the answer, this means i need new passport right? I contact the embassy here and see if they can help for that

Yes, a new passport takes away any obstacle.


So this means that when applying for a ONE YEAR Visa, the passport has to be valid for 18 months from the time the Visa is applied for. I had not known that but thanks for your information.

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