Looking for holiday friends

Well this is the first Christmas where I am actually really bored. I miss home which is England. I don't have a car and I am in Ajman as far away from Dubai as possible. The thought of spending the holiday in doors with a handful of TV channels depresses me further.

I turn to my internet friends to suggest what i can do over the holiday considering the limited practical options that I have available. I am hoping to make a whole new bunch of holiday friends whom I can go out with as and when we are free.

Thanks for reading

Hi pari

I live in sharjah. We can hang out sometime. 😊

Hi Pari1,

Compliments for the New Year!!!

I believe you have found some real good friends out there...?

I am still new in this platform...busy hunting and exploring possibilities of finding a job or business opportunity in UAE...

Dubai is Usually boring During Christmas,reason i usually travel home for the holidays hope you did make new friends to help you cope with the boredom. You can holla i will show you around but that is if you off on weekends .

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