Addiction Recovery House

I'm a retired therapist, moving to DR next month. I'm  considering opening a Recovery House for those in beginning  recovery or those who want sober life style.  I'm assuming that people who would be interested in such a place would be from the states and other countries.  It would be at a reasonable cost mainly for place to support itself.   Considering having a local Dominican cook and house support position. Would anyone know of a good tranquail location and at 5 or 6 bedroom house for rent.Seeking others opinions and suggestions. Thank you, Moose

Moose welcome to the forum.  Do some research on this (multiple threads here on this forum and elsewhere).  There are lots of these recovery houses.  You will also most likely need a license, your residency an cedula to set this up.  Check with a Dominican lawyer.

Bob K

I am a recent retired social worker after 27 years of working with severely and persistent mentally ill forensic patients with extensive criminal history. I also had a group practice in NYC that focused on substance abuse and domestic violence as well. We made connections with the courts as alternative to incarceration. The courts mandated treatment. Excellent steady referrals .Supposivly , breathalyzer will be introduced to DR with a fine of 1000 U.S. dollars fine. I just have a feeling after this fails , they will be looking for an alternative to punishment without removing the bread winner from the house. So a relationship with the courts might help start things off or plant a seed. Regards.
John s

Thank you John.... Interesting we have same background.. Thank you for your  suggestions. Primary focus is geared toward individuals residing outside US. This would enable and support a Sober House program for people native to DR.

Hi Moose. How did you go? Any progress getting the place up and running? I imagine things will start moving when the year's back in full swing. I'm just an interested observer. Coming to DR for a look hopefully in next couple of months. At this stage likely to teach english, run a volunteer music program. Good luck with it. Greg

Hi Greg,  thanks for replying. I will be arriving in D R  and visiting various locations. Considering Samana as its cooler due to the mountains. Need to do research on  safe areas and such. I'll  be looking for a 5 to 6 bdr house. Move in right away. Than go from there. Moose

There are not many recovery houses for addictions like you are  suggesting. The only one I know of is in Cabarete.

Bob referred to recovery houses from Plastic Surgery - there are many of those, most of them illegal in one form or another. Santo Domingo is where most of them are with a few in Santiago and new ones in Punta Cana.

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