LOC vs EP/S-pass

Hi all,

Got some questions and would love some opinion and advice:

I'm a British citizen married to a Singaporean citizen.
We are both currently working and living in London.
I'm intending to move back to Singapore with my wife as her aging-parents are still living there and we would like to settle down in Singapore.

I've found employment in Singapore and have been offered a job - the employers are currently applying for an S-pass which is pending vetting agencies (can take up to 2 months or more).

I was just wondering, in the case that the S-pass is rejected, would it be possible for me to travel to Singapore to apply for a LTVP and should that be granted, I would then be able to apply for a Letter of Consent instead.

The issue is that my wife is currently working in London and has a 3 month notice period and therefore, I would have to move back to Singapore initially first by myself and apply for the LTVP.

Does anyone know if I will be able to apply for the LTVP if my Singaporean wife is still based in London?


You can’t apply LTVP for you when your spouse is working overseas.

Cause before you apply LTVP, your spouse need to submit her last 3yrars Income tax return in Singapore and last 12 months deposits in CPF account. Only one way you can come here either as a visiting visa or get a  job then come with work visa.

Your spouse can apply LTVP for you  only after staying here min 3 years (this part please check with ICA). Below link is for your reference:


I heard that it is possible to get an LTVP when moving back to Singapore together with a SG citizen spouse - but only if she has sufficient income to support both of you. Ask ICA or your nearest SG embassy for details - it's not a common constellation and I don't know how, in such cases, they handle the 3 yrs IRAS report rule Surya refers to above.
There is no possibility to get an LTVP as a dependent without the person you depend on.

Cheers for the response.

Have gotten in touch with ICA and they have confirmed that it is possible to apply for the LTVP without 3 years' prior Singapore Tax Returns as long as we can furnish the application with applicable tax information from the relevant authorities of the overseas country.

True, it’s not necessarily required. ICA has softened its stand on this. In fact if a Singaporean doesn’t stay here nor paying any income tax (but has a property) can apply LTVP for his/her spouse, who is a foreigner. But, during approval process, they look into other yardsticks which they don’t disclose. Good luck

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