Christmas help - Seoul

I am currently not in Seoul for Christmas and am wondering if anyone living in Seoul would be willing to receive a small Christmas present (parcel) to their Seoul address (coming from China) on my behalf. When I get back to Seoul I will pay you extra! to mail it to my Seoul address, or we can just meet up (I'm a small 5'5" female, so non-threatening lol). It would help me out a lot if someone is willing to do this. The parcel will be small and I will be back in Seoul mid-Jan. Please help! I am willing to pay you for your act of kindness + the 'inconvenience' of getting the parcel to me when I return. Let me know!

I do not have a fixed Seoul address right now, as I am apartment hunting, so this would mean a lot to me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, alternatives etc.

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