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Hi all,

I will be moving to Abu Dhabi in the new year hopefully. I have a job in Mafraq Hospital and was just wondering if anyone had any information/experience of working there and any advice on best places to live etc? I have friends over in Khalidiya but am aware this is approx 30 mins from the hospital, however I don't want to be too far away from everything including the beautiful beaches etc  :D  I am a 28 year old british female. Thank you in advance.

I am a single woman living in Abu Dhbi and happy to offer advice and help with any questions.
You may want to look at housing in Khalid’s City A. It has a good shopping plaza and is 10 minutes to Yas beach.

Talk soon

Welcome in advance to AD!

Mafraq Hospital is very far from everything, sadly! So for accommodation, as the above posted, Khalidiya City will be a good option as it's in the middle between your job and the actual Abu Dhabi city with the beaches and all. Otherwise, Al Reef is a bit far but the prices should be lower and it has a sizeable British community that can help you out.

Good luck

Thank you both for your replies and advice. I was thinking somewhere in between would be ideal so that I wont be too far from work or too far from the city. I have never moved anywhere outside of the UK so this is a huge step for me and just want to try and find out as much information as possible before I get my date. Thank you again.

Kate, I will definitely be in contact soon it will be great to chat  :)

Hello there,

I just happened to come across your question you sent a year ago and I was looking for some advice!

I’m planning to move to Abu Dhabi in the spring and will be working in the al mafraq area. Just wondering how you have found it and where you settled on living in terms of distance to work and still being close to amenities and the beach!!

I’ll be travelling out solo also so would be good to hear how you found the move and of course if you are enjoying it over there.

I’ll most likely be getting a car once there and accommodation.. have you found things like that straight forward?

Thanks in advance!! :) jen

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