Family Visa

Hello, I am new here in Bahrain. Can you Please guide me how i can apply for Family visa here in kingdom?

Your employer should be able to help you with that.



I would like to ask about a week ago the company applied for dependent visa for my wife it was rejected twice.then the 3rd application they accept it thursday last week it already appeared in lmra portal then we've waited again 4 days because of holiday.then yesterday tuesday they sent it back to my employer because it showed in portal that their was a mistakes in data and the employer said the problem is that the passport is black and white and it was re-submitted yesterday. Do you think everything is okay except for the black and white passport. Because i am checking since morning but the status still same yesterday that 'submitted' and after 3 days without change in status the company will raise ticket. Do you think they accept already the other requirements like EWA that is not named to me it was my colleuge ewa. I hope yoh understand my point. Thanks.

Hope for the best, only your employer can help you in this matter


I mean if you have idea if it was rejected because their is a problem in one document and it was submitted again with the document asked. Do you think their is still a possibilty that will be rejected again? And how long it will takes?thanks

Im sorry but i dont think anyone could give you an a apt answer for your question here. Hope for the best, get things clarified by your employer.

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