any nice tourist place other than Dubai


Can anyone tell, where the nice place to visit by air for short haul direct flight other than dubai and cairo,istanbul.
if any nice tourist place for a single person,please let me know.


There are tons of them. Depends on what you are looking for !! E.g. Amman, sharm el sheikh, Georgia etc.


@Raja2018 > ????

Raja2018 :


easy there tiger, the comment from saimans was recommendation.

What has single got to do with destination, you can go anywhere, even locally.

I suggest Dubai

single mean alone

Thanks. I didn’t know what it meant.

Raja2018 :

single mean alone

Ok, single means alone, alone means single. But what are your expectations. Already have answered the nearby places to travel to !!

you want  me to write here  something and they blocked me, heard  the voice of silent.

so let me get this straight, you're trying to say ur single and ready to mingle, looking for company of fine courtesans ? but also don't wanna hurt your pocket because Dubai is expensive?

Or you mean by single you want something like an euro trip in the near by countries?

Please clarify, you'll not get blocked

This thread is getting hilarious :)

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