Two foreign citizens intending to marry in Norway

Hello everyone,

I'm Brazilian and I'm looking to immigrate to Norway, I work as an executive manager at a large IT consulting firm (eg Accenture, IBM Services, Deloitte).

Today I live in Brazil and live in São Paulo. My girlfriend and I are looking to get married in Norway and apply for an Immigration Visa.

My interest is to work and study at night if possible, we both speak English and study Norwegian.

Is it possible to do all the processing without living in Norway and going only to get married?

Can someone help me with these questions and guidelines.

thank you so much.

Douglas … in-Norway/

It does not look like you and your gf can get married in Norway without being a legal resident in Norway.

"Citizens from countries outside the Nordic region must submit documentation(only in Norwegian) showing that they are legally resident in Norway.(only in Norwegian) The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority."

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