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Dear expat community,
I want to start a small business preferable without partner... The idea of business not to get rich but just to pay bills and cost of living I was interested in a Frenches (like subway or 7 eleven) as I don't have any experience in business but I was shocked as they need a high capital .... If u have any ideas please advice me.

Capital around 40k RM.
Preferable cod is Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.


The minimum capital for any business is RM500k unless you have a local partner, then its RM350k

Is that a mandatory minimum capital for for foreigner ... I was googling about food trucks business and I found trucks in the range of 8k to 65k .... Can I have more explain please.

Yes, it's the minimum paid up capital (the amount you have to pay into a bank account) when a foreigner wants to own a business. 

What you are reading is for Malaysians setting up local businesses. As various licences are required to run a food truck, without a proper and suitable incorporation by a foreigner they would not be granted.

You need a work permit to operate a business as well. A food truck would not get you one.

This provides info … oreigners/

hi bro
regarding ur concern to open biz
i have many small capital ventures
small money and it works and leasts stress

email me
im from kl
then we would meet up and discuss in detail

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