Receiving goods by mail or courier from abroad (Family & Friends)

Are you receiving goods from abroad, from private individuals, e.g. from family members or friends? Is the value not mote than € 45? Then you do not pay taxes to import the goods. Is the value over € 45, but no more than € 700? Then you pay 2.5% of the value of the goods and VAT (0 or 6 or 21%). You must pay excise duty on alcoholic drinks. Is the value over € 700? Then the standard rates for import apply. Useful facts: your postal or courier company will take care of declaring the goods to the Dutch Customs. You pay them the costs for registrations and the import duties.


I am planning on sending my personal stuff (cloths and shoes) & also new gifts (perfumes & sunglasses) for family members  by mail to NL but I would like to ask few questions:-

1) 45 Euro value per unit or total package?

2) What does the term "Counterfeit items" apply to?


45 Euro per total package.

By mail, "counterfeit" applies to the whole package you should be aware that Dutch Customs do routinely open packages from abroad and have been known to seize and destroy counterfeit goods; they have a Customs unit set up expressly to do just this.

Cynic :

45 Euro per total package.

O.K. I assume this is if items are new cause mine are all used. can u advise.

I'm not sure you're looking at the right section of the Belastingdienst website.  What I think you're describing is you're moving to Holland from another country and wish to bring your personal effects with you; check out this link and see if this is more appropriate.

Of course, once resident in Holland, anything you send to friends and family will be subject to your original link.

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