Black Barbershops in Rome

Can anyone point to or recommend a professional barbershop in the Rome area that caters to afro type hair? I’m thinking one where black men can not only have their hair cut, but, if they wish, styled, dyed, texturised ... the works. There’s also the problem of finding appropriate hair products, which I expect such an establishment would address.

This might seem unnecessarily picky to anyone who is not black as they may wonder why we don’t just go to any regular barbers for a haircut the way they would if they were living in majority black countries, but black hair really does require specialised attention and care that non-black barbers generally don’t provide. I was talking to a colleague who’d lived in Italy a few years ago and he, half-jokingly, suggested I’d have to make regular trips to Paris if I was that particular about my haircuts. I hope that isn’t the case.


There are several, mainly in the Via Giolitti area.
As your question is similar to "Where can a black man get a haircut in Rome?" I suggest you use google for a search, I found a list there.
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Thanks so much for this. Was starting to panic. Doing the search you recommended but I’ll still need to get suggestions from members to get to the best by weeding through the rest. Actual names and reviews would be helpful and appreciated.

As for the background picture in my profile, that’s actually Lake Nakuru (my hometown), but funny you should mention Lake Baringo as I was just there two weeks ago.     :top:

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