Visa application with Documents required remarks


I am on a situation and hopefully anyone could me your legal experties or advices into this unfortunate event we are experiencing right now.

I got my mother (52yrs old) to Dubai having a 90days visa (single entry) but applied under Sharjah Visa through a travel agency in Dubai and it was approved. We planned to go to Georgia and I applied Georgian visa as well. Now since her visa is Single entry to Dubai , I need to apply another visa entering back Dubai so before prior to our Georgis trip, I applied another 30days Dubai visa to the same agency.

We flew Dec.6 and the moment my mother got the exit stamp, I informed immediately the agent that exit stamp has been done as she advised me to immediately inform them once she had the exit stamp. Flying to Georgia on Dec6. and enjoying our tour with confidence that everything will turn out fine, we have received information from them that visa application ha remarks "documents required for further processing" last Dec.10. The same day my agent requested me the full page copy of exit stamp. So I suspected that it is important docs that they did not anticipated to provide. They told us that clearing of documents will take 2-3days. Dec 13. she informed me unofficially that as per their PRO it is already cleared and even guaranteed to me that it will be approved sooner. it is just that the Portal of is not yet updating. Waiting patiently but until Dec14 (thursday) still no positive feedback received. Since i do not want to waste time, i have reached their offices and facebook page to voice out my disapppointment to them. They told me that if there would be no changes in the portal after 12pm of thursday they will reapply the visa. But until 5pm no feedback from them not even a single direction what they planned to do with us. We are spending for rentals and food here plus the fact that we will provide our own booking return flight. They did nothing even single information why it kept on hold in the imigration until today. So i asked the advise of other agency in able us not to further extend our stay, to cancel the existing application and reapply. I do it thru another agency who give me hints of posible delays in the imigration by previous agent. She told me that it might be because they applied a different visa. Previous one is Sharjah visa and they applied it in Dubai visa now. One posible factor why it kept on hold. I am also speculating that they applied immiediately the visa without waiting or confirming to Sharjah imigration if the visa is already cancelled in their system. So, finally i processed it through other agency and waiting for the feedback maximum tuesday.

My concern is that, after series of begging and discussion, The previous agency does not want to be held responsible about our incurred cost because as per them it is written on their terms and condition of applying visa under them if it rejected particularly the booking of airfare. My point is that, basically it was not rejected. It only required further documents and the agent even unofficially informed me that it was cleared last tuesday Dec13. Can you please advise if I still have the right to claim incurred cost due to their mishaps if proven?? Or what legal action I could take in order to prove my right and for them to expedite the damages they made to us. Even my work has been compromised and lost of profit because of their iresponsible service.

Hope you could help us sort this situation and able us to gain something we deserve.

Thank you so much and appreciate your kind response.

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