Looking for accommodation in phnom penh

Hey Guys
I am sandeep from delhi, India - coming to Combodia for living and looking for new business opportunity
can someone please tell me most convenient location to live in?

Hello Sandeep.

I invite you to have a look at Accommodation in the Phnom Penh Forum here.

By the way, convenient is a very personal thing, what some find convenient others find not convenient at all.
Come over here first and have a look at where you want to stay, walk and see the many signs For Rent, have a look at the nicest ones and decide then.

Good luck.

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Hi there,

Through experience of P.P.  I found Sensok.the best as it is away from the madness and you have more space around you but it only takes 20 mins to riverside. Also soben Sensok hotel which has apartment style rooms with balcony , aircon.fan, wetroom.cable t.v. sink and work tops, all  brand new. The owner is the son of a General so you are protected from the mad people if you know what I mean.
It's on 1007 st. Called so Ben Sensok.at Sensok area

Thanks Scott
Could i ask you about the monthly cost and utility?

Yes certainly,  $295 per month Inc. Also includes daily maid service

Hi Sandy,

Firstly, you will need to come here and see the layout of the city before you can decide on where to live. The riverside area is popular with expats but is busy and noisy, going over to the Russian Market area, its quieter and somewhat cheaper for accommodation. Please take a look at the property section on this website, it will give you an indication of what is available and price, thereafter, visit Cambodian property portals.

Hi sandy don’t get caught up in that 600-800 a month , this is not a real price this is only to take westerners money because of ignorance of the prices, this man for 295 sounds about right , even in the city a nice place can be found for 250-350 serviced apartment, with WiFi and furnished , easy , but if you go on the housing forums, don’t fall for those high price apartments, they are not being honest , good luck, I like to walk around, you will find many places for rent , I’ve used cambodia elephant reality , and sunny side reality is also on the this housing section, there are many good ones , but I just saw a post that advised her that a serviced apartment is 800-1000 he is not honest, so many places for rent , negotiate the price never except the asking price, if you can have a few months rent up front this will give you maximum negotiation bargaining power, good luck so many nice places to rent it’s definitely a RENTERS MARKET

Thank you very much...great help...
one more question... do we need to pay any security or something else?
will that include utility bills??
how about talking to real estate agents?

Usually a one months deposit , .25 kilo for electricity, usually 5 $ for water, there are many good real estate people that are good although I see one on line that says 609-1000 for serviced apartments, he is not being honest, so stay away from those that even quote those prices ,I would never go to that gentleman on line here that says this , either he doesn’t know the market or he preys on unseasoned ex pats just arriving , I think the latter, 250-400 youwill find something very very nice by even western standards,  I know of several close to riverside , I’m not sure where this man seems to think 600-1000 for a apartment is the norm, but my 350$ per month by the royal palace with WiFi cable flat screen, washing machine furnished with pool and gym , but I doubt he will find you anything better than my apartment, at his so called normal serviced apartments for 600- 1000$ per month , he’s not HONEST, GOOD LUCK !

thats really cool $350...
Surely I will be in touch with you to book one more me as i am looking for longer term probably 6 months minimum

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I am cheer ! I think nice , safe good with proper price of apartment rent could be around Russian Market .

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Hi! Where is your apartment located? Can you pls send me some pics of your apartment ?

christinealejouy :

Hi! Where is your apartment located? Can you pls send me some pics of your apartment ?

I have removed his adverts for consideration as estate agents are not allowed to advertise on the open forums.
Please contact by PM.

Hi everyone,

For all accommodation searches and offers, i would advise you to post directly in the designated section : Housing in Phnom Penh.
It is more appropriate.

I am now closing this thread.

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