Dependent visa processing when applying together

I have got my Belgium WP approved and applied for my visa along with dependents (spouse and kid) together. What I told was that if we apply together the processing will be faster. We had to travel by Dec 30th.

Now we got letter from counsalate asking for supporting documents(my salary from employer and place of stay) for them. Salary was submitted during my WP processing itself. Stay we will have temporary accomodation booked by employer and we need to get long stay after that. Also it is mentioned that post submission it will be sent to authorities in Belgium for decision.

I am not sure why these documents are asked and will it necessarily sent to Belgium and take 3-6 months take desision? Or can I expect the decision will be taken in Mumbai counsalate?

Please help me since my travel is in two weeks.

Consulate has the right to apply their diligence in each application: whether they make a local decision or send to Belgium for decision making. For salary - your offer letter or employment contract will do. For accommodation, an initial accommodation booking reference and may be a letter from your employer saying that they are providing this accomodation for the initial period and you will find a place once you arrive in Belgium. These two documents normally suffice.

Like I said, consulate decides how they handle each file.

Is there a possibility that they may take decision here or will it be sent to belgium only.

I asked my employer about letter for stay. They said you can take mail print out of the accommodation address provided and no letter is required for this. Will this help?

No letter is required - but it is a strong supporting document. If you read previous posts in the forum on this topic, you can see it helped a lot of people to strengthen their application.

Yes, proof of booking of initial stay can be (well, must be provided with the initial application itself) provided.

Also, your employment contract indicating your salary must also be provided with the initial application itself.

I understand this was not done. As a rule of thumb always go with extra documentation with visa application. If they don’t need, they will ignore it, but if they need and it is missing, then it delays the whole application like your case now.

And no idea if your dependants visa decision will be made in Mumbai or if they will send the file to Belgium.

I am planning to move back to Belgium after a fourty year absence. I still have a Belgian passport and am a Belgian citizen. My husband however is American.
Do you know what type of permit or visa I may need for him? I plan on  going to Belgium ahead of time ( June) to get an appartement.
Any info on how to move back would be greatly aporeciated. I am currently registered at the Los Angeles Belgian consulate.

Hi all,

Thanks for your help. I got my dependents stamped. Since we applied together, they processed mine first and got my visa. Once I submitted the supporting documents asked, my dependents visa was processed as well. It was really tough to get the documents and fairly easy after getting all documents.

Super. When applying together the processing is fast.

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