Have a female friend who met a man in California. They fell in love and went to Vietnam to get married. After the marriage both returned to California supposedly to get married again in the USA.

Turns out he was already married, separated and not divorced as he stated. The existing wife found out about the "new" wife and did not take kindly to a new female on the scene. She made threats and forced the "new" out of the house and eventually out of the USA.

The female is now seen as a married woman by her friends and family but she is now suffering from severe depression since the situation developed. The husband promised to sort everything out but did not keep his word. The female did not return to California and is finding it difficult to explain what happened to anyone as she trusted the man to get the situation sorted.

That has not happened and she has now heard he has started a relationship with another unsuspecting female. Seems like he does this sort of thing on a regular basis but the female does not want to face up to the reality of the situation.

Does anyone know if something can be done in California to put a stop to such behaviour?

https://bigamy.uslegal.com/elements-of- … -marriage/

maybe a start

Unless she goes to the police, files a report and then actually shows up in court nothing will happen. She needs to get the marriage annulled.

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